Ravens news: Lamar Jackson to continue annual 'Funday with LJ'
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Ravens QB Lamar Jackson to continue annual ‘Funday with LJ’

Lamar Jackson, Ravens

Even though the state of Florida is currently in the thick of a massive surge of “coronavirus” cases, it appears as though Baltimore Ravens quarterback and the reigning league MVP Lamar Jackson will continue his tradition of hosting his “Funday with LJ” event this summer.

With this year’s event slated to become the third installment of “Funday with LJ,” Jackson has scheduled the outing for this upcoming weekend in his hometown of Pompano Beach, Florida. While face masks are required for adults, it doesn’t appear as though the children involved will be required to social distance or wear a face mask.

There are three caveats in total, however. While adults must wear face masks in order to attend, Jackson won’t be signing autographs “as his main focus will be to have an awesome time with the children.” Lastly, a waiver must be signed for children to participate in any of the events currently on the schedule.

With the NFL currently attempting to get its 2020 campaign started with training camp in a few weeks, it remains to be seen as to how exactly this upcoming season ultimately pans out with the “coronavirus” still running rampant throughout the United States. Of course, the NFL has a ton of players and personnel coming in and out of team facilities throughout an offseason while professional football obviously requires quite a bit of contact in order to be played appropriately.

Jackson and the Ravens will enter the season as the defending AFC North champions, though Baltimore did not win a postseason game in 2019 despite earning the AFC’s top seed after a very successful regular season.