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Rockets news: Chris Paul, Kevin Hart personally handed out food and water to Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston

The past week has been a very difficult time for residents in Houston and other parts of Texas, as Hurricane Harvey left many homeless, and needing help with basic needs. If there’s any good news for them, many people around the world have been sending donations, including NBA players, who are continuing to raise awareness and also sharing their blessings to the victims.

Newly-acquired Rockets point guard Chris Paul and comedian Kevin Hart are also doing their part to help out. The two personally handed out food and water to some victims in Houston, and the 38-year-old actor even posted a video on his Instagram account, to let his followers know that the donations are going directly to the ones who need them the most. He also gave a shout out to the Red Cross and other volunteers for their continuous work.

In Houston making sure that the money that was raised is being used properly… #LiveLoveLaugh

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The hurricanes that hit Houston and Florida have left thousands of families relying on the goodwill of others for them to survive. Harvey and Irma are two of the most powerful storms ever to hit the U.S., and the damage it left is incalculable. That said, more donations are needed to make sure no more lives will be lost.

With the video Hart shared, he is hoping it could lead to more people extending help in any way they can. He and Paul are proving that stature and popularity do not matter, as anyone could lend a hand during difficult times, and that they genuinely want to speed up the recovery of the victims’ lives, as well as the city.