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The possibility of John Wall agreeing to buyout with Rockets, revealed

John Wall, Rockets

There has been speculation lately that former All Star guard John Wall would agree to a buyout with the Houston Rockets. The Athletic’s David Aldridge detailed the updated situation, which spells out that that is probably not going to be the case.

John Wall has sat out the first month of the season, as the Rockets were not willing to give him the playing time he wanted. He does not want to be in Houston, on a rebuilding franchise with no hope or clear direction for the future.

But the massive salary John Wall is getting has made it nearly impossible for the Rockets to find a trade partner. Wall is making a ludicrous $44 million this season and is set to make $47 million next year.

According to Aldridge, the buyout option is not even being considered.

A buyout wouldn’t even help Houston much. Even if Wall were to agree to, say, give up $10 million of his 2020-21 salary, that would leave $34 million on Houston’s books, with which it could do nothing this year… For a Wall buyout to make any sense for the Rockets, Wall would likely have to give up even more than Walker did to the Thunder — and there’s next to no chance Wall could make that up in his next deal.”

Wall is certainly not used to coming off the bench, nor would it be easy for him to accept such a role. But at this point, the Rockets are inclined to keep playing their young guys to get them experience. The injury to Jalen Green might change that though, so this situation could continue being fluid.