Russell Westbrook and James Harden are undoubtedly two of the best players in the league today. Proof of this is the high level of play from them since last season, where they finished first and second in the MVP voting. This year has not been different, with the two superstars continuing their superb play, especially when they go up against each another.

In fact, the former teammates with the Oklahoma City Thunder have scored the exact same amount of points in head to head matchups. They have met 22 times heading into Tuesday’s showdown, and they have 656 points each, according to SportsCenter.

This only goes to show how good they have been and how they bring out the best from one another. The 29.8 points they are averaging is a high clip, which is expected to continue whenever the Thunder and Houston Rockets share the court, and that games between the teams are always hotly contested.

Both teams are looking good to make it to the playoffs, with the Rockets currently in first place, while the Thunder are in seventh in the tough Western Conference. There is also a possibility that they may face each other in the postseason depending on the final seedings, and should that happen, nothing less than a highly competitive matchup can be expected, with both superstars leading their teams’ charge.