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Bryan Colangelo says there’s a chance Markelle Fultz doesn’t play again this season

markelle fultz

Philadelphia 76ers general manager Bryan Colangelo brought on some somber news right after the trade deadline, noting the possibility Markelle Fultz doesn’t play again this season, according to Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The No. 1 overall selection has been dealing with shoulder discomfort, which has been diagnosed in many names throughout his stint on the shelf, including muscular imbalance.

Fultz has been seen ramping up activity in recent weeks but hasn’t been able to shoot comfortably from distance and his shot has been out of the norm, judging by his regular shooting form from his lone year in college.

The 20-year-old guard first suffered the injury in the offseason, carrying it to the preseason and then into the regular season — clearly staying away from jump shots and showing a Shaq-like free-throw motion, going 6-of-12 from the line throughout his only four games on the floor.

Colangelo noted Fultz’ current range is only “within the paint,” according to Derek Bodner of The Athletic — still unable to stretch enough to launch shots from further distance.

The Sixers still don’t know if changing the shot caused the injury or if it was the injury that caused the change of his shooting motion.

According to Colangelo, Fultz could come back in days or could be out the season, but he’d have to completely rebuild the muscle memory in his shooting mechanics before making an appearance with the team, per Bodner.

The Sixers traded for the right to the first overall selection, giving their third overall pick and more to the Boston Celtics in an exchange prior to the NBA Draft.