Philadelphia 7ers big man Joel Embiid is unarguably one of the best players in the league today, and his impact on winning has been made clearer than ever this 2020-21 season after he led the sixers to the top seed in the Eastern Conference.

While he is yet to lead the Sixers to the promised land, Embiid has already gotten huge praises for his spectacular plays. In fact, former team president Pat Croce admitted he would have “loved” it had Embiid was born and made it to the NBA earlier during his time with the Philly franchise. For the ex-NBA exec, having the Cameroonian star is like having Tim Duncan during their time.

Now that is some huge remarks! Joel Embiid has been an unstoppable force for the Sixers, so there is no wonder why Croce compared his impact to the Big Fundamental. While their style of play is different, they are both big man who thrives in the post up and under the basket–punishing opponents with a flurry of moves that will just confuse the hell out them.

However, Embiid still has a lot to prove. After all, Tim Duncan's influence on the Spurs' is on another level. The newly enshrined Hall of Famer won five NBA titles throughout his career, with the first coming in just his second season with the San Antonio franchise.

Embiid has a chance to show that he is a winner in the 2021 playoffs, but his path is not so easy with the likes of the Milwaukee Bucks and Brooklyn Nets also in the hunt for the title.