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Skip Bayless boldly predicts that the Sixers will beat the Raptors in Game 7

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After the Philadelphia 76ers beat the Toronto Raptors in Game 6 of their second round playoff series, Fox Sports analyst Skip Bayless believes the Sixers now have the advantage.

The winner-take-all Game 7 is scheduled to take place on Sunday in Toronto, meaning the Raptors will have the homecourt advantage. However, Bayless believes that the Sixers will be the ones to advance to the Eastern Conference finals, predicting that Kawhi Leonard will fade because of the game’s high stakes.

“I’m sticking with the Sixers in Game 7. I do not trust No. 2 in the biggest situations. The Raptors at heart are still the Raptors. The new DeMar DeRozan is No. 2. The Sixers are good enough to beat the Bucks in the next round because of its star power and firepower.”

It is worth noting that Bayless is not the biggest Leonard fan especially when he demanded a trade from the San Antonio Spurs last year. He often criticized the All-Star forward for his shortcomings and doesn’t even mention Kawhi’s name during his show “The Undisputed.” With that said, this might be a biased opinion from the veteran sportscaster.

However, Leonard did struggle in Game 6, scoring 29 points but only making nine of his 20 shot attempts. He has also failed to lead the Raptors against a Sixers team whose best player struggled in five of the series’ six games.

Leonard will have the opportunity to redeem himself on Sunday. If the Raptors advance, they will meet the well-rested Milwaukee Bucks in the conference finals. But if they lose, the offseason clock will begin for the Raps and Kawhi.