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Sony reportedly shutting down older PlayStation stores

Sony, PS3, PSV, PSP, Stores, shut down

You may want to buy all the digital games you can before the older PlayStation Stores go offline later this year.


Sony allegedly decided to shut down the PlayStation 3 (PS3), PlayStation Portable (PSP), and PlayStation Vita (PSV) PlayStation Stores by August this year, TheGamer reports. The PS3 and PSP Stores will be closed by July 2, while the PSV Store is due its closure on August 27.

This means that owners of these previous-gen consoles will no longer be able to purchase games past the expiration date. However, they will still be able to re-download games they’ve previously purchased in the PlayStation Stores.

The unverified report comes from a single source verified by TheGamer. Sony has yet to issue a reaction to this report. TheGamer says Sony plans to announce the closures of these PlayStation Stores by the end of this month.

Meanwhile, fans have already shown their displeasure about this report, even though no official confirmation has been made by Sony yet. While there are those who understand that the move is practical, many others complain about being left out. There are also other users who have promoted emulators to cancel out the effects of the PlayStation Store closures.

The original PS3 launched in 2006 and enjoyed over 11 years of sales before being discontinued in 2017. PSP launched in 2004 and was still being shipped until 2014. Interestingly, access to the PSP PlayStation Store via the PSP had been shut down since 2016. Since then, PSP games can only be purchased through the PlayStation Network using the PSV. Finally, the PSV, which launched in 2011, had the shortest life span among the three, lasting only until 2015. Between the three consoles, Sony made massive amounts of money. Cumulatively, the three consoles sold over 180 million units over their lifetime.