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Spurs’ Patty Mills launches indigenous basketball league in Australia


San Antonio Spurs veteran guard Patty Mills has always been about equality and standing up for good. After recently being part of an athlete-led ‘We Got You’ campaign to combat racism and discrimination in Australian sports, the 31 year old Canberra native now launches his own local basketball league in his home country called Indigenous Basketball Australia or IBA.

Details of Mills’ new initiative was posted on Twitter by ESPN Australia and NZ writer Olgun Uluc.

“Mills has launched Indigenous Basketball Australia (IBA), an organisation that will focus on creating pathways and opportunities at the grassroots level for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth.” per Uluc’s tweet which also included the full press release.

“My love of basketball has come from the fact that it has brought me happiness, joy, health, education and knowledge with greater appreciation and perspective on life,” said Mills (per news.com.au) “At the end of the day, a platform was created for me to carry and be my true identity as an Australian, an Indigenous man of the land.”

Per its website, the main objective of IBA is to overcome many challengers and barriers minority youth groups have been going through in the systems and structures of Australian basketball. Set to commence in 2021, the association will focus on fundamental skills development and empower the youth to unlock their full potential.

Earlier this month, the Spurs guard announced that he will be donating the remainder of his 2019-2020 salary to different local organizations in Australia. Mills was also responsible for the NBA’s first-ever Indigenous Night in the AT&T Center last January.