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Suns star Deandre Ayton loses bet to Jamal Murray, gets flamed over brutal pushup form

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Friendly pregame bets likely happen way more than we think before athletes square off against one another. On Wednesday night, a look into one was provided before the Phoenix Suns welcomed in the Denver Nuggets.

Suns star Deandre Ayton was flipping a half-court shot and chatting it up with Nuggets guard Jamal Murray. After a miss, Ayton and Murray both had a laugh and the Ayton went to the floor to do some pushups. The form wasn’t tremendous and the comment section went to work on letting Ayton know just that.

The effort wasn’t great from Ayton on the pushups but, he did go out and pour in 15 points for the Suns in their season opener. It was Murray’s Nuggets who got the last laugh though, winning the game 110-98.

Ayton had his contract extensions with the Suns fall apart before the start of the season so this will be a crucial year for him to show he is worthy of a max contract, something Phoenix wasn’t willing to offer.

Murray is recovering from a torn ACL suffered last year but is expected to be back for the Nuggets at some point this season.

Both the Suns and the Nuggets have a legitimate shot at claiming the Western Conference this year. This likely won’t be the only time they play a tightly contested game. Let’s just hope that for any future bets, it doesn’t involve Ayton doing pushups.