The Minnesota Timberwolves are entering the 2018-19 with the most clouded outlook in the entire league. This whole Jimmy Butler fiasco has killed any momentum the team had gained when they made their first playoff appearance last season in 14 years.

The franchise has been through a lot and has worked hard to get back in the postseason, which they did last year. But it seems like they are going back to square one with all this drama riding with them into the 2018-19 season.

However, despite the setback, team owner Glen Taylor said in an interview with The Star Tribune that he has no plans to sell the franchise.

“No, no, we will get through this,” he said. “The changes we have to make, we will get through this. I’ll just keep working and doing the best I can on it to keep our team very competitive.”

The Timberwolves owner is looking optimistic despite the turmoil going on the organization.

He's also not too worried about ticket sales and how fans are reacting to everything that's happening. All that they're focusing on now is to do what's best for the team to stay in the hunt for the playoffs.

“I think that we have probably pretty well already sold the [season] tickets,” he said. “I just think a lot of people are concerned as to how this will affect the team, and I understand that. That is why if we're going to do a trade, it's important that we do a trade that helps our team and keeps us competitive.”

It's pretty mind-boggling that the entire organization is still intact despite the major shake up this whole Butler situation has caused. Tom Thibodeau still has his job as president and head coach, and Butler is still on the roster.

Taylor, however, has owned the team since 1994. He has probably experienced worse than what the Timberwolves are going through right now. It definitely seems like this drama isn't going to maks him budge him at all.

Fans and analysts alike will certainly be keeping an eye on how this situation unfolds.

The Timberwolves will be tested early as they tip-off their regular season tonight against a new-look, but ever-so-consistent, Greg Popovic-led San Antonio Spurs squad.

Don't forget to bring out the pop corn. Jimmy Butler is expected to suit up.