A recent study by Rave Reviews analyzed Twitter users’ posts and found out which video gaming brand is the most hated around the world. The results might (or might not, it depends,) surprise you: Ubisoft is found to be the most hated video game brand in the world. But from that sample size, it was also found that the US hates another brand even more: GameFreak.

A study conducted by Rave Reviews analyzing Twitter data set to find the Twitterverse’s disposition towards global brands. In a specific subsection of their study, they checked into which video gaming brands garner the most infamy. They found that the Rainbow Six publishers and Assassins’ Creed developers Ubisoft is the most hated among the countries studied. It appears that Ubisoft is most hated in 23 countries, including the Philippines, Russia, Brazil, and South Africa.

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On the other hand, the study found GameFreak, developers of Pokemon, to be the most hated among Twitter users in the United States and Canada. The United Kingdom and Australia share this loathing towards the Pokemon makers. Whatever has Pokemon done to you, guys?

Surprisingly, the recent drama over Activision Blizzard didn’t make them the most hated in the world. It only appeared to be most hated in two countries: Mexico and Spain.