Houston Rockets point guard Chris Paul has been in the NBA for over a decade, but his lengthy experience as a pro baller was not enough to remind him that messing with the referees would almost always result in a whistle being blown – at least during one moment of Thursday’s road game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Clearly frustrated over an offensive foul call on him late in the fourth quarter, Paul seemed to execute a fake ball fake at referee Mark Ayotte, who didn’t think twice of calling a technical foul on the future Hall of Famer court general.

Referees have different triggers. Their patience varies with each other, and apparently, Ayotte is the type of game official who would not tolerate getting toyed in the manner Paul did.

The Rockets were trailing by 20 points with only a little over three minutes left in regulation at the time Paul got called with a technical, so the infractions he got during that one sequence weren’t really going to move the needle much for either Houston or the Thunder, who ended up winning the game to the tune of a 98-80 score.

Paul finished the night with only 10 points on 4-for-11 shooting from the field to go with five assists and five rebounds. He also had six steals in 36 minutes of action.