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The Final Ring: Kobe & The Lakers' 2010 Title [Official Trailer] | ClutchPoints Original

New Name. New Dates. All Before The NBA Season. July is about to be lit. The Lakers captured their 16th championship on June 17th, 2010. At the forefront of this postseason run was Kobe Bryant. 10 years later, as we look back at how the LakeShow took revenge on their biggest rivals, we get a chance to reminisce on the star we lost and still mourn today. “The Final Ring” tells the story of Kobe’s final championship run, and how he solidified the legacy. Tune in Sunday at 6PM PST to watch the first episode, airing on ClutchPoints’ YouTube, IGTV, and Facebook! Full release dates: Ep 1 - July 5 Ep 2 - July 8 Ep 3 - July 12 Ep 4 - July 15 Ep 5 - July 19 Ep 6 - July 22 Ep 7 - July 26 Ep 8 - July 29