Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr had no problem calling out Danilo Gallinari for his flopping antics following a 100-97 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Anthony Slater of The Athletic asked Kerr about rookie Eric Paschall's three offensive fouls, all of which were drawn by Gallinari:

“Gallinari is a tough guy to face because of his ability to flop and draw fouls and flail around and still fooling the refs after all these years,” said Kerr.

Yet Kerr wouldn't let Paschall off the hook just yet, even if the Warriors forward did enjoy a double-double night with 13 points and 10 rebounds:

“Eric has to figure that out, it's all part of the personnel and there were a couple of plays where he did commit offensive fouls, he did lower his shoulder,” said Kerr. “You gotta learn the league, this is what this league is all about. Figuring out the rules, figuring out the opponents, figuring out their tendencies. One of the things when you play against Oklahoma City, you got to know, don't shake your arms at the end of the quarters, Chris Paul, he'll swipe under. They've got clever guys. Gallinari is very clever, so he was smart and drew a couple of fouls and put Eric in a difficult spot.”

Paschall has been called for offensive fouls aplenty, even before he faced up against a charge craftsman in Gallinari. His tendency to lower his shoulder to overpower opponents in driving situations can get him in trouble against cagey veterans like Gallo.

Gallinari is slow of foot, but he is long and slides his feet well enough to get the calls. He's also cognizant of Paschall's tendency to seek contact, and he used that very tactic against him.