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Ron Rivera extremely pissed so many Washington Football Team players are unvaccinated

Washington Football Team, Ron Rivera

Washington Football Team head coach Ron Rivera is not happy with the current vaccination status of the team. In fact, he’s beyond disappointed.

In his presser as Washington checks into training camp, Rivera revealed they are over 50 percent when it comes to COVID-19 vaccination. However, that is not really something ideal at this point in time when teams are already gearing up for the 2021 season.

Per David Aldridge of The Athletic, the 59-year-old coach is “perplexed, truly frustrated, beyond frustrated” that many of his players remain unvaccinated. He also emphasized the risk he is facing, being immune deficient following the cancer treatment he had to undergo last year.

The Washington Football Team coach, however, shared they are doing their best to educate the players and help them make an informed decision.

“We’re hopefully trending in the right direction. … We’re not where we want to be, obviously. … We need to do a good job of making sure we inform them to make an informed decision,” Rivera said, per Nick Jhabvaka of Washington Post.

Ron Rivera’s sentiments and apparent frustration are understandable, though. After all, having several unvaccinated players put Washington Football Team at a big risk of forfeiting games.

It is after the NFL implemented stricter COVID-19 rules for the 2021 season. In the new protocol, if a COVID-19 outbreak happens among unvaccinated players and the game is canceled and cannot be rescheduled, the franchise with the outbreak will be forced to forfeit and suffer the loss.

The Washington Football Team had a decent 7-9 record in 2020, and they look poised to improve from that record. However, they can’t afford to miss games or even be short-staffed due to COVID-19 with the other teams in NFC East improving.