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San Francisco 49ers not worried about Nick Bosa catching up after hamstring injury

Nick Bosa, 49ers

San Francisco 49ers first round draft pick Nick Bosa has only had one full practice with the team before suffering a hamstring injury. After missing most of last season with the Ohio State Buckeyes, Bosa missing time so early would be a concern to some, but the 49ers coaches don’t seem to be overall concerned.

49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh said the team would love to have him out on the field because he hasn’t been on the field for so long, but he isn’t concerned that he will catch on quickly when he is back.

“For him, you’d love for him to be out there just so he can go through and get his reps,” 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh said via NBC Sports. “It’s just the mindset and all that stuff that he’s missing, just get his legs under him. He hasn’t played football in a year. To get his sea legs back, if you will. That’s what I feel like he’s missing, but I’m not worried about him being able to catch up.”

Bosa learned from some of the best at Ohio State and also picked up techniques from his brother and dad that will transition to the NFL level. There is no doubt what kind of talent he will be on the field, but the 49ers and the rest of the league might just have to wait a little longer to see it.

The expectation is that he won’t participate in mandatory training in June but will be ready for the start of training camp.