The WNBA has gotten a lot of flak over the last few years. Some of the criticism lobbied at the W were unwarranted, a product of unnecessary hate. That's not to say that the league doesn't have flaws, though. Some of the league's… practices have come under fire. One of the most criticized things last year was their All-Star MVP trophy. Compared to other trophies, the WNBA's All-Star Game MVP (given to Las Vegas Aces star Kelsey Plum) was severely lacking.

The WNBA's management seemed to listen to the criticism lobbied at them, at least. The 2023 WNBA All-Star Game MVP was a lot more extravagant, something that a player would be proud to own. This time, it was Seattle Storm star Jewell Loyd that won the award. When asked about the change in the trophy, Kelsey Plum was happy about the change. Here's what the Aces star had to say, per ESPN.

“They upgraded,” Aces star Kelsey Plum said. “Whoever was in charge [of the trophy] either got fired or was very scared of getting fired. But listen, the whole incident with the trophy caused a stir, so I didn't mind it.”

Plum referred to her All-Star MVP trophy as a little teacup, and that was honestly a fitting description. The previous WNBA All-Star MVP trophy was disappointing: a regular trophy that's just a tad bit bigger as the winner's hands. The trophy was mocked by fans, and for good reason. It was something that felt indicative of the WNBA's many problems.

Hopefully, the new and improved All-Star Game MVP trophy is a sign that things are improving in the WNBA. 2023 seems to be the start of a massive growth for many WNBA teams. Many high-profile athletes are investing into teams (including the Aces!). Hopefully, this pushes the league to make the many improvements that many fans and players have been calling for.

It certainly also helps that the level of play is improving, and that interest is at an all-time high. More and more WNBA stars are becoming household names. Sabrina Ionescu's legendary three-point shootout performance went viral. Will this be the start of the W's exponential growth?