Bears news: Chicago could go with more of a no-huddle offense
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Bears could go with more of a no-huddle offense

The Chicago Bears offense is really sputtering and the team might run a little more no-huddle offense to try and get some momentum. The Bears failed to score on their first five possessions against the New York Giants in the last game before the team turned to a no-huddle attack and it was successful.

The Bears have already played 101 snaps in the no-huddle this season which is second behind the Arizona Cardinals. Bears coach Matt Nagy knows it’s something quarterback Mitchell Trubisky is comfortable with, and that is most important.

“That’s stuff that we look into,” Nagy said via Bears Wire “There’s pros and cons to it. It’s always good when it works, and then when it doesn’t work, you’ve got to be careful with that. We like it and we think it’s good, and we know that Mitch feels comfortable in that. And I think our offense does, so we want to definitely keep that going.”

With Trubisky being so comfortable some might say the Bears should exclusively run it, but Nagy doesn’t think that should be the case. He points out it limits formations and also sometimes makes it hard to change personal groupings.

“What it is is just trying to figure out — whether it’s player-wise, scheme-wise, personnel-wise, play-wise, — what you want to do when you’re in that two-minute, when you’re in that tempo,” Nagy said.

No matter what offense the team uses they need to do something that gets some production or there could be some major changes this made this offseason.