The Buffalo Bills defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars at home last Sunday, 24-21, but it didn’t come without some controversy, as Bills defensive end Shaq Lawson and Jags running back Leonard Fournette had a scrap among themselves in the middle of the game. Both players were ejected from the contest, but it was only Fournette who received a suspension from the NFL, since he took off from the bench to get into a tussle with Lawson.

Lawson recently visited a high school for a speaking engagement, and when it was time for students to come forward and ask him any questions, one of them chose to try to pry away some of Lawson’s thoughts about his fight with Leonard Fournette, via Vic Carruci of the Buffalo News.

“Alright, it’s real, man, I’ll answer,” Lawson said with a smile. “At the time, how the whole situation happened, I was defending myself because he came from the sideline. So at that time, I was basically defending myself and my team, fighting for my brothers. Ain’t nobody going to let anybody in this world let a man throw a punch at you and you won’t react to it. It was the same tune Fournette is singing. The tailback has already explained his side, saying that he merely tried to stand up for his teammates during the altercation.

Fournette said he was triggered when he saw Lawson go after his teammate Carlos Hyde, and only jumped into the scene to protect his fellow running back. In any case, Fournette is going to pay the price for his actions, as he’s in line to serve the suspension this coming weekend against the Indianapolis Colts at home.

Fournette, however, is set to appeal for a reduction in his penalty Tuesday.