The New York Yankees ended yet another season in disappointment in 2022 when they were swept out of the ALCS by the Houston Astros. The Yankees, who dominated for long stretches of the season, fell apart during the second half of the season, as their various holes on the roster began to destroy them. And ultimately, much of the blame should fall on the shoulders of general manager Brian Cashman.

Cashman has been the Yankees general manager for 25 years now, and he's been the architect of their four most recent World Series teams. The problem is that for the last decade, New York hasn't been able to make it back to the World Series. This is despite the large amount of talent their rosters have boasted on a regular basis.

The Yankees don't seem any closer to reaching the World Series than they did entering the season, which isn't a good sign for a team that has championship hopes with each passing season. The hope is that Cashman and the front office will be able to make the changes necessary to see better results next season, but Cashman's recent “process vs. results” comments show that the longtime GM simply doesn't get it.

Brian Cashman and the Yankees simply don't understand what it takes to build a championship team anymore

It's clear this is a big offseason for the Yankees, as there will be a lot of attention focusing on whether they are successful in their attempt to re-sign star outfielder Aaron Judge. But even if they can, there are still a lot of holes on this roster that need fixing this offseason, and it's up to Cashman to solve those problems. The issue is that Cashman's latest comments don't seem to bode well for the Yankees quest to upgrade this offseason.

There are a lot of reasons to be concerned about these comments from Cashman if you are a Yankees fan. He completely disregards the team's lack of results by simply saying they have a good process. Last time I checked, they judge success on how much you win, not whether or not your process is good (whatever that means).

Professional sports, regardless of what sport you may be involved in, is a results based industry. If you win, your job is safe. If you lose, well, you could be back on the job market sooner rather than later. According to Cashman, though, that simply isn't the case. And therein lies the big problem with the Yankees.

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The New York sports market revolves around winning, and Cashman just doesn't seem to understand that anymore. He should know this considering all the success he experienced early in his tenure with the Yankees, but it appears the goodwill from the beginning of his stint in charge of the front office may be wearing off.

The Yankees could have the best process in the MLB, and it simply wouldn't matter, because it hasn't led to a single World Series appearance since they won it all back in 2009. The MLB is a results based league, and Cashman doesn't appear to be picking up on that.

This is a big problem because the Yankees need to make sweeping changes in order to improve their results. But Cashman's comments on their process indicates that he's in no rush to do that this offseason. If that's the case, New York's roster may look quite similar to the one that just got blown out of the playoffs by a Houston team that has had their number in the postseason recently.

By ignoring those holes on the roster, Cashman is setting himself and the Yankees up for failure. Re-signing Judge is huge, yes, but beyond that there are issues. The rest of the lineup around Judge failed to produce for much of the season, the starting rotation needs another arm or two to balance things out, and the bullpen needs to have some order established after they fell apart during the second half of the season.

But since the process is good in Cashman's eyes, will the changes needed be made? It's mind-boggling that that is the question that could determine how the offseason plays out in New York. The results clearly aren't there, and to anyone with a mind for sports, that's enough to warrant big changes.

The Yankees and Cashman simply don't appear to understand this simple concept anymore, and it's slowly destroying the franchise. If you are Judge, you have to wonder whether Cashman is committed to building a winner in New York right now, because these comments certainly aren't encouraging.

Until changes are made, the Yankees will be stuck in the same spot that they have been in for over a decade now, and based on Brian Cashman's comments, it doesn't sound like the team is in a rush to make those changes this offseason.