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Gerrit Cole

The New York Yankees have been without Gerrit Cole since late March after he suffered an elbow injury. This team has played well without him but they’d love to have him back on the mound. With that in mind, Cole reacts to the progress he’s made recently. Reports indicate that Gerrit Cole has made considerable […]

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Aaron Judge and Juan Soto, with a San Diego Padres logo between them.
Yankees slugger Aaron Judge, with fans in the background.
Yankees' Brian Cashman, Aaron Judge, Juan Soto looking at Rockies' Elias Diaz in a Yankees jersey
The Athletics' Mason Miller is doing something that would make Mariano Rivera proud of him.
Yankees Padres prediction
Yankees' Juan Soto, with San Diego Padres fans in the background.
Juan Soto with money falling around him
Yankees' Aaron Judge on left, Padres' Juan Soto on right. Place Petco Park in background.

Latest Yankees Rumors

Latest Yankees Rumors

Juan Soto and Brian Cashman with money falling. Yankee Stadium in background
New York Yankees player Juan Soto
Juan Soto in a Mets uniform, Pete Alonso in a Yankees uniform, with swap symbol between them
Yankees' Juan Soto on left with eyes popping out. On right, Dodgers' Shohei Ohtani with money all around him.
Juan Soto trade Padres Yankees

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Yankees Padres prediction
Juan Soto with Yankee Stadium in background
Oakland Athletics lineup offense Yankees Lou Gehrig
Yankees Padres prediction
Juan Soto surrounded by piles of cash.
Luis Gil, Nestor Cortes, Carlos Rodon, Clarke Schmidt, Marcus Stroman
Yankees' Juan Soto holding a massive bat
DJ LeMahieu, Aaron Boone. Eyeball emojis all around
Yankees Juan Soto contract re-sign Hal Steinbrenner free agency payroll
Mariners Yankees prediction
Clarke Schmidt and Dylan Moore with Yankee Stadium in background
Yankees' Gerrit Cole pitching a baseball at Yankee Stadium.
mariners yankees prediction, mlb odds
Yankees' Babe Ruth calling his shot against the Chicago Cubs in the World Series.
Photo: Marcus Stroman smiling, Luis Gil, Clarke Schmidt, Carlos Rodon, Nestor Cortes all in action behind him, all players in Yankees jerseys
Yankees’ Aaron Judge with his eyes popping towards Marcus Stroman, Carlos Rodon, and Luis Gil
Marcus Stroman with his arm around Clay Holmes saying "leave my boy alone!"
Clay Holmes (Yankees) as sad pablo escobar meme
Mariners Yankees prediction
Yankees Gerrit Cole injury IL rehab elbow
DJ LeMahieu with Yankee Stadium in background.
Carlos Rodon breathing fire
Mariners Yankees prediction