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Boston Celtics, Kemba Walker, Chris Paul

Trading Kemba Walker for Chris Paul a must for Celtics

The Boston Celtics lost in the Eastern Conference Finals in three of the last four years. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are still developing, but their improvement might not be enough to get Boston over the hump. They may have to make a big move this offseason. This, somehow, brings us to Kemba Walker and Chris Paul. More on them in a second, though.

On the daily Locked On Celtics Podcast, host John Karalis explains one reason why the Celtics should consider a trade for Chris Paul, but ultimately it just doesn’t make sense for the franchise.

John Karalis: Trading Kemba Walker to OKC for Chris Paul, I don’t know if that’s exactly the move that the Celtics want to make. Over in OKC I can see them obviously shopping Chris Paul, and obviously a win-now team is going to be looking for him. The question is interesting though, would you rather have one year of Kemba or one year of Chris Paul, no contracts, no nothing. You’re just picking one year of one of those guys, and I picked the one year of Chris Paul. Chris Paul is kind of perfect for Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. He has that level of knowledge that they need. I would say it’s worth the $41 million almost, to just crack the heads open of Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum and to pour the knowledge that Chris Paul has into their heads.

However, it’s not just gonna work that way. He’s older. He has had injury problems in the past. He felt better this past season. That’s great. However, you’re really running into the possibility of that not working moving forward. It was a good year for him, but at this money at his age, what the Celtics are trying to do, and for the financial situation, trading Kemba Walker for Chris Paul doesn’t work. I just don’t see them working out a deal that makes sense.