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Chris Paul, Mike Conley, Jazz

A Chris Paul trade could make Jazz real contenders

The Utah Jazz are in an interesting place in their team’s development. They have a young star in Donovan Mitchell paired with a star-type player in Rudy Gobert. It’s unclear what their timeline is or what their ceiling is as currently constructed. They should make some kind of move to upgrade at the point guard spot or on the wings.

The Oklahoma City Thunder have Chris Paul, a veteran point guard that would be an upgrade for Utah. The Thunder have also indicated that they want to kick start a rebuild and build through the draft.

On the daily Locked On Mavericks Podcast, hosts Isaac Harris and I came up with 15 big trades that could happen on draft night, including a deal where the Jazz and Thunder swap point guards.

Nick Angstadt: Here’s kind of an easy one, Chris Paul going to Utah. The Jazz get a point guard upgrade and sends Mike Conley, Ed Davis, and the 23rd pick in the 2020 Draft to the Thunder. So for OKC they get another veteran point guard in Conley who is on an expiring contract and they get the 23rd pick for Chris Paul. Utah isn’t going to use that free agency money anyway, but they pair Chris Paul with Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert.

Isaac Harris: I like this. I think it’s a solid trade. I think it’s solid value for Chris Paul because OKC is getting out the long-term money and getting a first-rounder.

Nick: It sucks for Mike Conley, pour one out for Mike Conley with this deal…

Isaac: He could get a buyout during the year if OKC is really serious about rebuilding or tanking.

Nick: I think it would be great for Utah.

A trade like this could vault the Utah Jazz passed a few teams in the Western Conference and allow them a real chance to make the Finals.