As you've probably heard, Kevin Love was ruled out for Game 3 of the NBA Finals after suffering a concussion on Sunday night. Love expressed a strong desire to play, but the team won't medically clear him until at least Game 4.

Unlike the NFL, the NBA isn't known to have a concussion problem, and when they do occur, the conversation usually doesn't take place among the mainstream media. Here, in the Finals, it has become a big story.

Prior to Game 3, TNT's Charles Barkley was asked by ESPN's Michael Wilbon to share his thoughts on whether Love should be allowed to play, and to estimate how many concussions he had during his playing days.

His answer to the second question is pretty concerning; perhaps there should be more dialogue about this issue in the NBA.

10 “good ones” is a lot, let alone 20-30 total as he says at the end of the video. Just because there isn't close to as much contact in basketball as football doesn't mean every concussion shouldn't be taken seriously.

Sure, the likelihood of sustaining a second concussion in short order is much more likely for an NFL player, but the long-term brain damage is the same regardless of how consecutive concussions are obtained. If Love were to receive another blow to the head tonight, the lasting effects could be quite serious.

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