The LSU Tigers won the National Championship on Monday. They did so by beating the Clemson Tigers by a final score of 42-25. Understandably, there was a pretty big celebration in the locker room afterward. That celebration included some former players, like Odell Beckham Jr. and Ezekiel Elliott being present.

There was someone else there though, Elliott. The Dallas Cowboys running back played for Ohio State in college but was in the locker room with LSU.

Someone from LSU seemed to notice that Elliott's team did not win the championship this year. In fact, they weren't even in it. And they felt it necessary to remind him of that.

The real question here is, what was Elliott doing in the LSU locker room? Was he with Beckham Jr. or another alum? Was he invited by Coach O or a current player? Or did he just walk in because he's a superstar?

Whatever the reason, he had to know he was going to be the target of some ridicule. LSU won the National Championship. It was their time to shine. Obviously they are going to take some shots at other teams and players if given the chance. They all had free act-a-fool cards and who wouldn't use those?

The good news for Ohio State, and Elliott, is that they will likely get plenty of chances to redeem themselves. This season, they lost to Clemson in the semifinals. However, they are consistently one of the best teams in college every year.

It wouldn't surprise anyone if they were back in contention in 2020, and 2021, and 2022 and … well, you get the point. They are an elite program and they won't stay out of the playoff for long.

For now, though, it's LSU's chance to have some fun. And some of that fun came at the expense of Ezekiel Elliott.