NFL news: LSU claims cash Odell Beckham Jr. was handing out was fake
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LSU claims cash Odell Beckham Jr. was handing out to players was fake

LSU, Odell Beckham Jr., Browns

It appeared that Cleveland Browns’ wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was handing out real money to LSU players after they won the College Football Playoff National Championship.

An LSU athletic official told The Advocate that the money that Beckham was handing out wasn’t real and was instead prop money. Beckham played his college football at LSU and was celebrating with the team after they knocked off the Clemson Tigers.

It’s hard to tell from the video if the money was real or fake, but it’s not shocking the Tigers would come out and say it was fake. NFL rules prohibit players from taking cash and getting large sums of money from Beckham would certainly constitute an NCAA violation.

The big question here is why didn’t Beckham Jr. think about the ramifications before doing this. If he really wanted to give the players some money, real or fake, do it in the locker room or someplace where there aren’t many cameras. Giving money to the players on the field while everyone is standing around with cameras isn’t smart.

There are many players across college basketball and football who are probably taking money from others, but just do it when they are off the camera.

Who knows, maybe Beckham had this all planned and was trying to make a point that college players should be paid. Either way, the Tigers seemed to have squished this bug before it grew into a bigger story. It will be interesting to see if the NCAA accepts their explanation, or they will investigate more.