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Cristiano Ronaldo says screw your Coca-Cola, Euro 2020

Cristiano Ronaldo, Euro 2020, Coca-Cola

Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo wants to make it very clear that he has no interest in Coca-Cola and instead prefers to drink water. The Portuguese star made a big show at a Euro 2020 press conference of clearing away a pair of Coca-Cola bottles laid out in front of him before giving a shoutout to water.

It was quite the humorous scene:

Coca-Cola is an official sponsor for Euro 2020, which is why the bottles were there, but Cristiano Ronaldo is a fitness nut who doesn’t like putting that stuff into his body. The Juventus star has expressed disdain in the past at his son for drinking carbonated drinks like Coca-Cola, and he himself has a very strict diet and workout regimen. It’s no wonder he’s still so good well into his 30s.

Ronaldo’s press conference was ahead of Portugal’s Euro 2020 match against Hungary on Tuesday. No comments have been made on Ronaldo’s Coca-Cola diss by the company or UEFA. They probably don’t appreciate one of the biggest stars making a scene like that. Coca-Cola has been a sponsor for the tournament for over 30 years.

However, Cristiano Ronaldo probably isn’t sweating anything. They’re not going to ban him from the tournament or anything like that. If anything, he gets a warning and maybe a fine, but a fine is nothing to a dude with an absurd net worth like Ronaldo.

The Portuguese star will continue to not drink Coca-Cola or any products like it as he looks to lead his teams to success.