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Nick Saban compares Dylan Moses to Drew Brees

Nick Saban, Dylan Moses, Jaguars, Drew Brees

If you think the Jacksonville Jaguars got a good one in Dylan Moses, wait until you hear Nick Saban (slightly) comparing him to NFL legend Drew Brees.

Wait. No. Stick around. This isn’t satire.

Famously not a quarterback, Dylan Moses went undrafted in the 2021 NFL Draft, inking a deal with the Jaguars earlier in the week. His reason for the slide, despite a productive college career, had a bit to do with his medical history. Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban wouldn’t help himself from seeing the comparisons to what happened with Drew Brees.

“Don’t forget, when I was the coach of the Miami Dolphins, doctors failed Drew Brees on a physical,” Saban told reporters. “From that time on he made about 14 Pro Bowls, won a Super Bowl, passed for I don’t know how many thousands of yards. So I guess they make mistakes, too.”

It’s obviously incredibly hyperbolic to compare the two players who play two wildly different positions. That said, his point is about how the skill set of the player and his medical history are two different things.

“It had nothing to do with what kind of football player he is,” Nick Saban said. “It was based on medical grades by the teams, which, frankly, was a little surprising to me. In my time in the league, when guys were injured and they came back and played, that usually got out of that 5 medical grade, which is undraftable.”

Even if Dylan Moses somehow becomes the 10 greatest player at his position in NFL history, he still won’t be the same as Drew Brees. And friends, that’s completely fine. Nick Saban doesn’t always bring this kind of ringing endorsement to everyone he’s coached, so it should get Jaguars fans all hot and bothered… provided they don’t know expect him to lineup behind center.