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Owner Shad Khan confirms Jaguars will not trade Jalen Ramsey

Shad Khan, Jalen Ramsey, Jaguars

The Jalen Ramsey saga with the Jacksonville Jaguars continues to unfold as the weeks progress. As much as the disgruntled corner wants to be moved elsewhere, Jaguars owner Shad Khan confirms the team will not trade Ramsey.

Via AP:

“Obviously, football is a team sport and I’m sensitive to what individual insight or viewpoint or requests [there] might be,” Khan said. “But we have to do the right thing for the team. We value the values Jalen adds to us, to the Jaguars. I think we value him highly. We’re still looking at what is the right thing for the Jaguars, and I think right now the best thing is to have him be part of the team.”

“I’ve met with him,” Khan said. “I think my relationship with him is pretty good. This is not a request from me or a viewpoint from me. I have no issue, obviously. I’d love for him to be part of the Jaguars.”

Following Jacksonville’s Week 2 loss to the Houston Texans, the All-Pro cornerback requested a trade. At first, it seemed inevitable that the Jaguars would fulfill his trade demands. But now, it is no longer a certain thing.

Over the past couple of weeks, Ramsey has missed practices and has adamantly expressed that he still wants to be dealt. On the other hand, Jacksonville’s front office has shown no signs of wanting to get rid of him anytime soon. As a matter of fact, the Jaguars reportedly rejected a trade offer for Ramsey that included two first-round picks.

After Nick Foles went down with a shoulder injury, most people shared the belief that their season would be derailed. Instead, rookie sensation Gardner Minshew has strung off two straight wins as the starting quarterback.

With the team in a decent position to make a run in the AFC South, Khan feels as if keeping their 24-year-old cornerback could help them achieve their goal. Therefore, the Jaguars seem content on keeping Ramsey through the trade deadline — to the dismay of Ramsey.