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Jazz star Rudy Gobert says he won’t regret playing for France in FIBA WC even if he gets hurt


Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert is ready to compete for France in the upcoming FIBA Tournament. The 7’1 giant known as “The French Rejection” is honored to represent his county in international play, and claimed he wouldn’t regret playing for France even if he was injured in the tournament.

“I’m very proud of where I’m from,” Gobert said. “The emotions I can have by playing these kinds of games — I wouldn’t say it’s worth more than money because you need money, obviously. But I think those memories and the things we can build and the pride I have is really more important than that. Even though we all know that there’s always a risk if I get hurt,” Gobert continued, “I don’t think I will regret it.”

Gobert’s line of thinking is in direct contrast to many American NBA stars. Huge names such as Damian Lillard and James Harden have withdrawn from Team USA, with their eyes set already on what could be the most competitive regular season we have seen in years.

Of course, the American team and the French team are in different positions. Plenty of American stars will not play, but the U.S. will still field the number one ranked team in the tournament. France could not afford to have its biggest names, like Gobert, drop out.

Regardless, everyone in the NBA and especially Jazz fans are hoping Gobert has an injury-free tournament and will be 100 percent healthy for Utah’s first regular-season game.