Fresh from winning the 2022 championship with the Golden State Warriors, Mike Brown officially takes over the Sacramento Kings with a winning mindset.

He made that much clear in his introductory press conference on Tuesday, emphasizing that he came to the Kings to win and bring that culture and mentality to a team that hasn't tasted the playoffs for 16 years now.

“I'm here to win, first and foremost, and I’m going to embrace that. We’re all going to embrace that, so the excitement level for that is here. … It’s about winning, and when you taste that, it’s addicting and I want more of it,” Brown said, per Jason Anderson of The Sacramento Bee.

The Kings undoubtedly have the talent to become playoff contenders, especially with De'Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis leading the way. Naturally hopes are high that having a proven coach will help them break that ugly playoff drought.

A lot of things can be blamed for Sacramento's struggles over the past two decades, from the front office dysfunction to the lack of stability in coaching, the Kings just never had the chance to build that continuity. With Brown coming in, though, the expectations are he can bring and nurture that same culture that made the Warriors the dynasty they are today.

It will take some time for the Kings to see results, though improving from their 30-52 record from last season and making the playoffs is definitely the first step in that.