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WATCH: Jazz star Donovan Mitchell makes surprise appearance in iconic NYC basketball spot amid Knicks trade rumors

Donovan Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell’s trade links to the New York Knicks are in full swing again after previous reports indicated that the Knicks have re-engaged negotiations with the Utah Jazz. The 25-year-old has added more fire to the flame after he was spotted in Rucker Park, one of the most iconic basketball spots in New York City, on Wednesday.

Mitchell posted a photo of himself hanging out with some kids at the park. The Jazz star was clearly having quite the time (h/t ClutchPoints on Twitter):

A couple of months back, Mitchell, who is a New York native, announced a partnership between his shoe sponsor, Adidas, and Rucker Park. It seems like his recent appearance on the world-renowned basketball spot is part of the marketing efforts for this aforementioned tie-up.

Donovan Mitchell was also seen rubbing elbows with hip-hop icon Fat Joe, who himself is a native of South Bronx:

Fat Joe himself could not help but talk up Mitchell’s links to the Knicks, even going as far as saying that the people of New York have spoken:

“I haven’t seen the Park this exciting in years. It brings back the golden years,” he said. “… I’m here to see Donovan Mitchell. It’s insane. If only he could become a Knick. New York has answered –they want Donovan Mitchell to be a Knick. You see the people. They out here.”

It’s clear that the Jazz want to trade Mitchell, and there’s also no denying that the All-Star shooting guard has an affinity for his hometown. Could it now be just a matter of time before a blockbuster trade deal is announced?