Knicks news: JR Smith reacts to 'sell the team' chants by New York fans
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JR Smith reacts to ‘sell the team’ chants by Knicks fans

JR Smith, Knicks

The overall atmosphere at Madison Square Garden is terrible as mismanagement and general incompetence continues to permeate throughout the New York Knicks. The fans are asking for owner James Dolan to sell the team, and former Knick JR Smith seemed to express his support of the move.

Bleacher Report recorded a video of disgruntled Knicks fans begging Dolan to rid himself of the team by selling it. Given how poorly the Knicks have performed for a long time now, it’s understandable that fans have grown tired of Dolan’s regime. One of the “likers” of the post was the former New York sharpshooter:

Smith, who was born only two hours away from Madison Square Garden, is a beloved figure among Knicks fans. His outstanding scoring skills made him one of the standout performers during Carmelo Anthony’s era with the Knicks. However, he was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he won his first and only championship.

Smith’s apparently approval of Dolan selling the team will only endear himself to the Knicks faithful even more. Fans are simply fed up with what is going on at MSG these days.

Dolan is a controversial figure in the NBA community. His reign as an NBA owner has been marred by controversy, and many of his decisions have been unpopular. Team icons like Charles Oakley have less-than-cordial relationships with Dolan, and they’ve wasted stars like Melo and Kristaps Porzingis. On the other hand, he also covered the expenses for David Stern’s memorial and is respected by the league’s other owners, so he has that going for him.

It’s unlikely that Dolan will vacate his throne, but that won’t stop Knicks fans from making their displeasure known in a very loud way.