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Kobe Bryant talks about how to stop LeBron James

Kobe Bryant, LeBron James

In his 15th season in the league, Cleveland Cavaliers star forward LeBron James has continued to play at a remarkable level at a point of his career where many of the league’s best player prior to him began to see some deterioration of their respective individual games. James has continued to put that on display in this year’s playoffs by giving the Toronto Raptors continued defensive problems.

The latest has come via a 38-point outing in Game 3 that was topped by a game-winner floater hedging toward the baseline. During a recent interview with the Chris and Caron show on Fox Sports Radio, former Los Angeles Lakers great Kobe Bryant broke down how he would best defend the four-time league MVP.

(h/t Chris Mannix of Yahoo Sports)

Bryant’s analysis of the manner in which James operates on the floor has been spot on and something that Hall of Famer Michael Jordan has pointed out in the past. The 33-year-old has shown a strong tendency to go to his left to get to the spots where he is most comfortable operating on the floor.

Despite that being the case, James has been able to avoid that tendency becoming an issue as he has found numerous ways to get to that desired look on the floor with his varied dribbles and moves that he has developed over the years. However, Bryant has had his fair share of individual success against him having played the Cavs star numerous times throughout his own career.

All that being said, James has been able to continue to adjust and use that tendency to his advantage on the court. If anything, this shows that he does have an area of his game that has become recognized as a possible defensive plan against him.