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Lakers star LeBron James appears to give up against Suns with 14 minutes left

LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, Frank Vogel, Lakers

It’s just the second game of the season, but it’s looking like LeBron James is in end-of-season form already for the Los Angeles Lakers… in a bad way.

While the Lakers were down 87-55 in the third quarter against the Suns with 2 minutes left, James successfully stopped a Cam Johnson dunk attempt. After that… well, see for yourself. (via PointsBet Sportsbook)

Yikes. That’s not a good look for the Lakers and LeBron himself. Even as Johnson came back to the play a few seconds later, James was still nowhere to be seen in the offense. Seeing that type of body language coming from the leader of the team has to be demoralizing.

The Lakers got absolutely smoked by the Warriors on opening night, and now they’re getting beat down by the runner-ups of last year’s Finals. Lakers fans have to be worried about the dysfunction of this team, especially after Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard got into an altercation earlier this game. The team just doesn’t look right, both on and off the court.

This type of inaction, unfortunately, is common with LeBron James. LeBron actually caught flak last playoffs as well for showing the same body language in the Lakers’ Game 6 elimination game against… the Suns. It’s just that usually, this “energy-conserving” play by LeBron is often seen towards the end of the season, not in the second game.

We’ll see what happens with this Lakers team as the season progresses. If there’s anything we’ve learned throughout LeBron’s entire career, it’s that you can never truly count him out. However, maybe this last hurdle is just too much for even the King to pull the team out of.