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Video: Lakers center JaVale McGee almost knocked out Denzel Washington at courtside

javale mcgee, denzel washington

Los Angeles Lakers center JaVale McGee nearly took out Denzel Washington while chasing after a loose ball in Monday night’s game against the Miami Heat.

McGee found himself trying to capitalize on a second-chance opportunity in the first quarter, and that led him towards the sideline in hopes of saving the ball from going out of bounds.

Unfortunately, that also led him near Denzel Washington, who was just trying to watch a quality basketball game in what is probably a rather expensive seat.

But luckily for both parties, a collision was avoided.

Running into an actor of that magnitude probably would have significantly damaged JaVale McGee’s shot at getting a top acting gig once he calls it quits on the basketball court, so thankfully that didn’t happen.

But then again, Washington is no stranger to sideline seats, so he’s probably figured out the best maneuvers for avoiding players when they come tumbling out of bounds.

The Lakers are looking to notch yet another victory in what’s been a very impressive stretch for LeBron James and company, as they’ve won five out of their last six games entering the matchup with the Heat.

That’s an ideal direction to be heading in when considering what is ahead for Luke Walton’s team, with the Lakers set for four straight games on the road after tonight.

The trip will start in Houston on Thursday and will continue with visits to Charlotte, Washington, and Brooklyn after that.

Those sitting in the sideline seats in those particular cities may want to keep an eye on JaVale McGee.