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Video: NBA Impersonator does a Blake Griffin parody

Brandon Armstrong aka ‘The NBA Impersonator” is back and this time his newest victim is L.A. Clippers star Blake Griffin.

Take a look for yourself:

Armstrong has his motions down to a science — from the over-exaggerated pump fake and his short follow-through to his super athletic style of driving to the basket.

But his best impersonation has to be “Griffin step-back, Griffin step-back, Griffin step-back” in complete James Harden-like fashion. A true classic.

He even brings back to life Griffin’s dunks against:

Kendrick Perkins

Timofey Mozgov

Pau Gasol

It’s funny to think that if Armstrong had released this video years ago, half of his footage would have been gone as Griffin has recently incorporated a consistent jump shot in the last few seasons.

No player is safe from Brandon Armstrong’s antics and for laughs’ sake, we hope he keeps it that way during this offseason.

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