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Bulls teammate recalls Michael Jordan issuing challenge after getting shot blocked in practice


If there’s one thing we’ve learned from The Last Dance, it’s that Michael Jordan is one overly competitive dude. There’s simply no denying that.

Former Chicago Bulls teammate Bill Wennington recently looked back on his own personal experience in the same. The 7-foot big man once swatted away a shot by MJ, and true enough, it lit a fire in Jordan.

“Michael was very, very competitive, and that day, it was me who was able to block a shot of his early on in practice,” Wennington said through the official NBA Twitter account.

“He took offense to that and challenged me the rest of practice to block his shot, both verbally and physically.”

Michael Jordan obviously did not take lightly to the Bulls center blocking his shot and made sure his teammate knew about it. That’s just the type of guy Jordan was on the court — be it in practice or on in an actual game or perhaps even with his own teammates — it’s as if he takes everything personally in keeping with his intensely driven attitude.

Jordan’s notorious competitive fire is something we’ve heard of in the past, and it has had an effect on his teammates in one way or another. Perhaps we will learn in the succeeding episodes of The Last Dance if this was something that made their bond as teammates stronger, or if it caused some irreparable damage between them. It’s one thing to be super competitive, but being a perpetually unpleasant and untoward teammate is an altogether different matter.