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NBA L2M Report reveals Timberwolves got screwed on De’Aaron Fox putback attempt

Kings, De'Aaron Fox

De’Aaron Fox and the Sacramento Kings had an epic comeback win over the Minnesota Timberwolves on Monday.

The Kings trailed the Timberwolves by 17 points with 2:49 left in the fourth quarter. Everyone inside Target Center assumed the game was over.

Sacramento, however, rallied around each other and went on a crazy run to force the game into overtime. They also got some help from the basketball gods.

With 4.7 seconds left in regulation, Fox was at the free-throw line with the Kings down by three points. He made the first free-throw and was going to intentionally miss the second one so the Kings could grab the rebound and hit a layup to tie the game.

Fox executed it perfectly, as the lefty missed the free-throw, grabbed his own rebound and hit a layup with 3.6 seconds left to tie the game:

However, it looks like Fox’s shot shouldn’t have counted, as the NBA’s last two minute report says Fox entered the lane prior to his shot hitting the rim.

The Kings wound up defeating the Timberwolves in overtime by a final score of 133-129:

These last two minute reports are always controversial for players, coaches and fans.

Calls get missed all the time, so Minnesota will have to chalk it up to bad luck and move on.