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Adrian Wojnarowski’s tweet about Nets star Kyrie Irving draws response from Shaun King

Nets, Adrian Wojnarowski, Kyrie Irving, Shaun King

ESPN’s NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski reported on Monday that Kyrie Irving has decided to pick up his player option with the Brooklyn Nets for the 2022-23 season after the enigmatic point guard failed to find a sign-and-trade deal on the market. The drama is far from over in Brooklyn with this recent development.

For his part, however, civil rights activist Shaun King decided to come to Kyrie’s defense after the former caught wind of Woj’s tweet. King accused Woj of being a liar for the allegedly false information he was peddling about the embattled Nets superstar:

“This is not what happened at all. Unless Kyrie himself told you that, which I know he didn’t, you literally made that shit up. Kyrie chose to stay to honor his commitment with KD and to continue playing with the Nets. It’s what he wanted. And after this season he can reevaluate,” King wrote in his tweet.


King could have some insider knowledge on Kyrie’s situation here as he provided an insight on the current mindset of the Nets guard. According to King, all Irving wants to do this coming season is to play alongside his good buddy, Kevin Durant. Based on his truth bomb here, Shaun King is adamant that Kyrie isn’t going anywhere this season and that he’s still going to be dawning the Nets jersey in 2022-23.