NFL news: Former Wash. RB Derrius Guice clears waivers after release
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Former Washington RB Derrius Guice clears waivers after release

Derrius Guice, Redskins, NFL

Last week, running back Derrius Guice was arrested and charged with domestic violence. Washington wasted absolutely zero time in reacting, releasing the star immediately following the news.

While the future of the man is unclear, his football future is in possibly even more doubt.

It is unknown what type of punishment Guice will be facing from the law, additionally with the NFL likely piling on a suspension of some sort at the very least.

With that in mind, it is unsurprising to hear this next bit of news. According to Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk, Guice has cleared waivers and is now a free agent. That means no team attempted to claim him.

This seemed like the logical next step in the saga. Guice turned himself into Loudon County authorities at the end of last week with legal action pending. NFL teams are going to want to wait to see how this all plays out before anyone signs him.

The running back likely won’t be able to participate in much until after everything is sorted out anyways. So why risk the move when there are so many unknowns. Even if you can sign Guice to a risk-free contract, the bad PR that would come with the move would make it not worth it unless you know he’s on the field.

Derrius Guice is talented on the field. However, he has had a lot of injury problems in his career already. In two seasons in the NFL, he has played in just five games. That right there might turn a few teams off.

Now you are adding a serious and disgusting arrest to his record, and teams will be even more put-off to the idea of adding him.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. If Guice is allowed to play in the NFL again, does a team take a shot on him? Or do they feel he is too much of a risk and too much bad press to even deal with the headache?

So far, teams are staying away.