Packers news: Green Bay wasted Aaron Rodgers' career says ex-rival
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Packers wasted Aaron Rodgers’ career, says ex-rival

Aaron Rodgers, Packers

Some fans and media alike have questioned the way the Green Bay Packers have treated Aaron Rodgers over the years. Brandon Marshall, a former NFL wide receiver, believes that the Packers ‘wasted’ Rodgers’ career.

While speaking on The Herd, Colin Cowherd’s show on Fox Sports, Marshall shared how he feels the Packers have let down Rodgers:

“There’s a handful of teams, mostly the good ones, that are really aggressive. They go for it, get the stars. And then I watch Green Bay. And I sit there and I think to myself: they don’t have an owner. They let [Blake] Martinez the linebacker go. Bryan Bulaga, the left tackle, go. Jared Cook a couple of years ago. They could have had Khalil Mack. Brett Favre wanted Randy Moss. And I look at all these aggressive teams in the NFL. These new GMs, they want to make deals, they want to get stars, they want to pay money. They’re all aggressive. And there’s the Packers,” he said, which elicited a laugh from Marshall.

“That’s right,” Marshall responded, still laughing.

Just a season ago, the Packers were one game shy of advancing to the Super Bowl despite Rodgers having a lack of weapons outside of Davante Adams. Instead of getting Rodgers some help though, Green Bay took his eventual replacement in Jordan Love in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Seeing that Rodgers is near the end of his career, Marshall believes it is too late for Green Bay to help Rodgers:

“Green Bay has got to change the way they do business,” Cowherd replied, noting the team had to start considering what its star quarterback wants moving forward. “It’s too late,” Marshall interrupted. “They should have won two Super Bowls in the last five years. To me, Aaron Rodgers is my favorite quarterback in the NFL. But you wasted this guy’s career. You got one Super Bowl out of Aaron Rodgers? Are you kidding me? It’s too late. It’s too late.”

At the least, the Packers did win one Super Bowl with Rodgers back in 2010. But while they were able to get one Super Bowl with him, it’s fair to question why they didn’t win more than one since Rodgers took over for Brett Favre.