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Gordon Batty smiling, Green Bay Packers logo in the background.

After 30 years of meticulous equipment management for the Green Bay Packers and other professional sports teams, Gordon “Red” Batty is retiring. The Packers announced his decision Thursday after half a century in the field. “On behalf of the Packers, I want to thank Red for all of his hard work and dedication to the […]

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Matt LeFleur, Packers, 2024 NFL Draft
Mark Murphy next to Brazilian flag saying "we're coming."
Packers RB Patrick Taylor Jr. stands in front of 49ers logo, NFC, free agency fans stands in background
Aaron Jones of the Vikings got high praise from Matt LaFleur.
Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur with former running back Aaron Jones and current running back Josh Jacobs
Graham Barton, Tyler Nubin, Jaylen Wright all in Packers jerseys, 2024 NFL Draft logo in background and Lambeau Field
Christian Watson, Jordan Love, Packers, Matt LaFleur, Watson injury
Aaron Rodgers in a Packers jersey next to Tee Higgins in a Packers jersey with a Super Bowl Lombardi trophy between them.
Mark Murphy tells Roger Goodell to be careful
Greg Joseph next to Anders Carlson (Green Bay Packers)
Jordan Morgan Arizona, Cooper DeJean Iowa, Tyler Guyton Oklahoma
Packers quarterback Jordan Love smiling, with fans of the team in the background.
Brian Gutekunst, Jordan Love
Packers quarterback Jordan Love saying "It's the perfect time!"
Green Bay Packers LB Eric Wilson reacts to special teams players, NFL free agency reports stand out of sight
The Packers have a first-round pick and two second-round picks in the upcoming draft
David Bakhtiari as Seth Rollins
Packers Matt LaFleur, Josh Jacobs and Jordan Love
Packers' new stars Xavier McKinney and Josh Jacobs, Alabama football
AJ Dillon in the middle, Coach Matt LaFleur and Jordan Love around him, and Green Bay Packers wallpaper in the background.
Xavier McKinney calls Packers QB, Jordan Love, elite
Josh Jacobs in a Green Bay Packers uniform on one side, Aaron Jones (in a Minnesota Vikings uniform) and Matt LaFleur on the other side with the big eyes emoji over their faces
Josh Jacobs, Xavier McKinney, Packers, Alabama football, Nick saban
Packers Jordan Love, AJ Dillon and Josh Jacobs amid NFL Free Agency
Aaron Jones wearing Vikings jersey
Packers' Xavier McKinney
Simone Biles husband Jonathan Owens after NFL Free Agency move from Packers to Bears
Kiesean Nixon, Packers, Packers returner, jordan Love, Matt LaFleur
Simone Biles husband Jonathan Owens after NFL Free Agency move from Bears to Packers
Packers' Aaron Jones holding two bags of money, question marks around him
Expected Packers' free agency signing Xavier McKinney
Packers Aaron Jones looking sad/upset next to a Packers logo at Lambeau Field

Latest Packers Rumors

Latest Packers Rumors

Packers, Jordan Love, Packers Super Bowl, NFL Rumors, Super Bowl 59, Jordan Love and Lombardi Trophy with Packers stadium in the background
Packers QB Jordan Love surrounded by dollar signs
Joe Barry (Packers defensive coordinator) as the Im in Danger meme
Packers' Jordan Love and Packers' Matt LaFleur in image. Have LaFleur say the following: WR?
David Bakhtiari, Packers, David Bakhtiari Packers