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Panthers season ticket holders told fewer games will be available for 2020 season

Matt Rhule, Panthers

The 2020 NFL season takes more hits as another one of their football franchise’s, the Carolina Panthers, is added to the list of teams who will have fewer home games opened to fans this year.

According to Daring Gantt in ProFootballTalk, the Panthers are the latest team to announce the sad news to their fans that there will be fewer available games this coming season. Panthers season ticket holders were informed that due to reduced capacity leading to fewer accessible games, they would be given the choice to opt out of this year’s tickets in exchange for a refund. Another option given to them was to simply apply their purchase to next season.

Here is an excerpt from the email season ticket holders received:

“In order to accommodate as many PSL Owners as possible in this reduced-capacity scenario, we plan to make a limited number of home games available to each account,” the email read. “The number of games each PSL Owner will have access to will be determined by factors such as approved capacity, overall demand and, in some cases, seating location.”

In addition to this, PSL Owners were informed that they would have the opportunity to choose from a predetermined set of games. They were also told that it would be very “unlikely” that they would get their usual seats in the stadium.

Single-game tickets that have been already purchased will also be refunded by the Panthers organization.

Carolina will strictly enforce wearing of face covers at game as well as multiple other safety protocols.