After an hour of anticipation, Cody Rhodes and Logan Paul finally marched down to the ring in the middle of a Jacksonville edition of SmackDown in order to make their match official for King and Queen of the Ring, only, in this particular case, the two men had very different ideas of how they wanted the match to go.

“So Duval, Jacksonville, what do you guys wanna talk about? I love this place, you know that. You know it was brought to my attention that, and I want to ask you this, on this day 32 years ago, on this day, Logan, do you know what happened on these grounds on which we sit right now? I didn't expect you to, I don't think you were born yet, but the reason I know, and the reason for you not knowing is important. See, 32 years ago to the day, right here in Jacksonville, Florida, was WarGames 1992. It was the Stinger Squadron against the Dangerous Alliance, and it is widely considered the best WarGames match of all time,” Cody Rhodes declared.

“And again, the reason that I know this is because just like this lady over here with the “My dogs like to wrestle” sign or just like my friend at the tippy-top all the way up there, just like you shouting out the answer, ah see, the reason I know all of this, Logan, is because like them, I am a fan of professional wrestling. I am a fan of what I do. And you are not a fan; the only way I know how to describe you is as a tourist; you're just passing through. You're making viral memories, and I think it's time to get off the train. And I think it is time when you do get off of the train to drop that United States Championship, making me, for the first time ever in my career, Cody Rhodes, a WWE Grand Slam Champion.”

Ah, Rhodes wrestling Paul in a champion versus champion match, just like Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior back in the day… or is it?

“Cody, you're saying the same thing that the last guy said and the last guy said and the who came before that said. We've heard it, I don't understand what you're doing. Are you stalling right now? Because I didn't come here to hear you talk, Cody Rhodes: I came here to sign a contract. I came here to sign a contract to wrestle you, Cody… I'm going to do what I came here to do, let's sign the contract, Cody,” Logan Paul declared before he ripped up the contract.

“I'll tell you what that contract said: not what I agreed to. You see, I agreed to wrestle Cody Rhodes at King and Queen of the Ring PLE for the Undisputed WWE Championship only. I did not agree to put my title on the line and I figured y'all would try to pull something like this, so I had my litigator Jim Guillory, one of the best lawyers in the country, draw up a contract that we made. So here, this one looks good to me, here's the bottom line, Cody; your (championship) is on the line, mine isn't! Get this done! Come on, Nick, get this done, have Cody sign the contract, it's executed, it's done.”

Whoa, what's going on? Is Paul actually going to switch up the match and force Rhodes to defend his belt without having another to fight for after repeatedly discussing his desire to become a Grand Slam Champion? Make it make sense, right?

Cody Rhodes gets his title match ruined once more.

After watching Nick Aldis get incredibly upset with Logan Paul for ambushing Cody Rhodes, the “American Nightmare” decided to cool the tensions himself, asking the “National Treasure” to leave in order to address the United States Champion one-on-one.

“Okay, okay, okay, calm down, Nick, I've known you for a long time, I know what happens when you get angry. Listen, SmackDown is a great job, don't let anyone convince you you aren't doing a great job; you're doing a great job,” Cody Rhodes declared. “They put us on the spot here, do me a favor; let me and Logan, let me finish up the paperwork here, and I'll bring it by your office, let us have the ring, and I'll take care of this; let me relieve you of this situation for the evening, thank you very much, Nick, it's all good.”

With Aldis gone, Paul ran wild, demanding Rhodes sign his contract in order to get a borderline no-lose match for the “Maverick.”

“Hey Jacksonville, here's the hard truth, I signed the contract, the match is done,” Logan Paul declared. “I got some news for ya, you might not like it: Cody Rhodes has not done anything to deserve a shot at my United States Championship. For real, Cody, what have you done? Because I have proven every single time that I am in this ring that I am worthy of every title in this industry. You can't say the same, so like my brother Jake Paul's necklace says, sign the contract, big boy.”

Clearly upset with the situation, Rhodes finally snapped and talked back at Paul, accepting his terms even if he hates his heelish ways.

“Let me tell you something, you fly-by-night human hatrack, the honeymoon with you is over; we've seen you do a flip, whoop-de-do,” Rhodes declared. “After our match at King and Queen of the Ring, we will find out exactly who Logan Paul is on the inside. And you mentioned Mike Tyson. Good, because in eight days, a WWE Hall of Famer is going to knock your brother out, and in Saudi Arabia, a future WWE Hall of Famer is going to beat you. So do you want me to sign the contract, is that what you want?”

And just like that, it was done; Rhodes signed the contract, and for the second time in under six months – remember when WWE tried to give away Rhodes' WrestleMania main event to The Rock? – he's had a championship match ruined by the underhanded tactics of a heel champion, and fans will have to see how things shake out in order to see if this new “contract” sticks. Either way, a very, very, very, very, very weird segment that probably made this feud worse, not better.