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Jay Gruden says Redskins QB competition ‘might come down to the wire’

Jay Gruden

The Washington Redskins have a lot of fun storylines to follow this training camp season. Arguably the most fun – and definitely the most important – is the quarterback competition.

This offseason has been pretty wild for Washington when it comes to quarterbacks. Everyone knew they would have to make a move at the position with Alex Smith being out for 2019 and Colt McCoy’s status uncertain.

They did just that – twice. First, the Redskins traded for veteran quarterback Case Keenum. Then they drafted Dwayne Haskins with the 15th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft – a steal if you ask me.

Those two already made the position pretty interesting, but then McCoy’s recovery exceeded expectations and he can insert himself into the talks. Now it’s a full house at the position

According to JP Finlay of NBCSports.com, head coach Jay Gruden says the quarterback competition ‘might come down to the wire’.

This really isn’t a surprise. With rookie quarterbacks, there’s always going to be that argument. Should they start right away or sit behind someone to learn? Depending on who you ask there’s only one right answer – and the other is completely stupid.

However, I think it all depends on the quarterback. Some simply aren’t ready to play yet while others clearly have no reason to sit – and it would benefit them far greater to actually be out there playing.

Haskins is an interesting case. He only started for one year and Ohio State but showed all the tools as he put up ridiculous numbers. He’s also a first-round pick who many believe to be one of the most talented QBs in the draft (personally I believe he’s the best in the draft class).

Sitting him would undoubtedly help him learn a few things before he begins his career as a starter. However, it might not be necessary and he could learn just as much by being thrown into the fire.

Due to that, he’s getting a fair shake at earning the starting spot. He’s up against two veteran QBs who have both been starters in the NFL before though.

With all that in mind, this should be really fun to watch. Take Gruden for his word too, this truly is an open competition – it’s not just lip service.

Multiple reports have come out about the coaches and players liking their quarterbacks. So just sit back and enjoy the show this camp/preseason.