The Philadelphia 76ers haven't given up on their pursuit of having two of the top three picks in this year's NBA draft.

Along with the number one pick that they received in the lottery, the Sixers have made a series of offers to the Boston Celtics for the third overall selection. Most notably (as reported by Marc Stein of ESPN), Philly offered both Jahlil Okafor and Nerlens Noel for the pick, and Boston gave a solid no.

Still, the 76ers are undeterred, and now they're ramping up their efforts.

According to both Stein and Chad Ford, Philadelphia is increasing their efforts to land the #3 pick from the Celtics.

Nerlens Noel Jahlil Okafor Sixers
Bil Streicher/USA TODAY Sports

So, what exactly does that mean? Stein doesn't specify, but it might involve another pick or picks later in the draft. Danny Ainge knows how badly the Sixers want their third overall selection now, so he's going to squeeze out everything he possibly can before agreeing to a deal. That is, unless another team comes along with a better offer.

Additionally, the Sixers have attempted to swap their 24th and 26th overall picks for another lottery spot. So far, they haven't found any suitors.

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