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Russell Wilson reveals biggest worry about 2020 NFL season, COVID-19

Seahawks, Russell Wilson

Seattle Seahawks star quarterback Russell Wilson is getting anxious about this year’s NFL training camp amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The seven-time Pro Bowler took to Twitter to unload and reveal all the uncertainties that surround this year’s season. He also emphasized his massive concern for his family, especially for his pregnant wife.

Like many of the players in the league, Russell Wilson’s main concern right now is health and how everyone’s safety will be safeguarded as training camp is set to start within the next few weeks. Per the one-time Super Bowl champion with the Seahawks, he’s worried about protecting his family despite his desire to play.

Though the NFL has come out with different protocols like regular testing, regulation of fans and possibly even salary adjustments for the players, there has been a lack of clear-cut policies for the teams and players with how training camp will proceed. There are still several questions about how football activities can safely resume.

Unfortunately, a lot of the players’ concerns remain unanswered by the league.

Unlike other professional sports which had to pause in the middle of their respective seasons, the NFL was in the offseason when coronavirus cases began to rise in the US. Now, four months into this pandemic and with COVID-19 continuously being on the rise, it seems that the league is taking an unwavering stand on this year’s season and training camp.

Wilson is just one of the many NFL stars to voice out his disappointment about the lack of initiative from the league. Fellow quarterback from the New Orleans Saints Drew Brees also tweeted his frustrations, as well as Houston Texans superstar JJ Watt.