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Michael Thomas believes players will ‘sit out’ 2020 season if NFL escrows salaries

Saints, Michael Thomas

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas isn’t happy with the new developments regarding the players’ salaries for the upcoming 2020 season.

The three-time Saints Pro Bowler said on Twitter that all NFL players will sit out the season if the league decides to hold a percentage of their salaries.

This is definitely not a welcome news.

The initial report from Tom Pelissero of NFL Network stated that the league has proposed to hold at least 35 percent of player salaries in escrow to help manage costs for the 2020 season. This is said to be one of the options being considered by the NFL since the revenues of all teams is expected to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 2019 NFL Offensive Player of the Year is on a five-year contract with the Saints and is scheduled to receive at least $1,000,000 as his base salary for 2020. If the NFLPA’s report about the proposal is indeed true, approximately $350,000 of Michael Thomas’ 2020 base salary will be held by the NFL in escrow.

Obviously, the entire global economy has taken a huge hit due to the coronavirus pandemic, so this is a difficult conversation for both sides. COVID-19 cases continue to rise in the US as the initial scheduled opening of the 2020 NFL season approaches. With that, fans are still waiting on more updates on how the league will approach the upcoming campaign.